As a registered user who has signed in, you can see all public opportunities plus those that have been directed to your organization. You can quickly identify the type of opportunity by looking at the value in the Type column as seen in the screenshot below. If you are looking for opportunities for a procurement type award (e.g. contract) look for opportunity posts of the following types:

  • Solicitation
  • Pre-solicitation Notice 
  • Sources Sought 
  • Special Notice 

If you are looking for assistance type awards (e.g. grant), look for opportunity posts of the following type: 

  • Funding Opportunity 

FedConnect offers a number of search filters to further help you narrow your search. The basic search capability in FedConnect provides the ability to search using one filter. To use the search, select the filter from the selection list, enter a value, and then click Search. In many cases, you may know the opportunity number, which is called the "Reference Number" in FedConnect.

Once you have found your opportunity, to open an opportunity and view the details, click the title hyperlink.