When navigating FedConnect, it is possible that you will experience an error message (such as the one displayed below):

Error generated by FedConnect.

The most common reasons for this error message appearing are as follows:

  1. If you have kept a session of FedConnect open in a browser tab for a long time with no actions, the session may have timed out. Please close out of your web browser, reopen it, and log into FedConnect again.
  2. Attempting to view FedConnect in multiple browser windows will cause this error to occur. If this error occurs and you have multiple browser windows or tabs for FedConnect opened, please close out of your web browser, reopen it, and log into FedConnect again.
  3. Attempting to search for opportunities by “Response due date” within Advanced Options can cause this error to occur as well. This is a confirmed bug within the FedConnect application that will be addressed in a future version of FedConnect. Until the fix is available, users are recommended to refrain from populating the "Response due date" fields when performing an Advanced Options search on the "My Opportunities" tabs. Users may sort their search results by date by clicking on the "Issue Date" header.

If you have attempted the above suggestions and the error still persists, or if you have any additional questions regarding this error, please make note of the number key that is provided in the error then contact the FedConnect Support Help Desk at 1-800-899-6665, or at fcsupport@unisonglobal.com.