This article describes the fixes made in this release for reporting features in FedConnect.

FED-603 (Financial Report Status Not Updated in FedConnect)

Summary and Resolution

After a financial report was submitted, its status in FedConnect did not change from Queued to Submitted as expected. The report was successfully received in the agency's contracts management system. However, if it was rejected or accepted in the agency's contracts management system, that status was also not updated in FedConnect. The result of this was that the application continued to transmit the report again without additional action from the vendor.

This issue is resolved and now report status is accurately updated in FedConnect.


  • A released assistance agreement sent to FedConnect
  • A Financial Report has been sent to FedConnect
  • A user in FedConnect to access the assistance award

Steps to Recreate

  1. Sign in to FedConnect and access the assistance award from the prerequisites.
  2. Click Draft; complete all required fields and click Submit. The report's status is now Queued.
  3. Wait for the agency POC to receive the report in their contracts management system.
  4. In FedConnect, the report status changes from Queued to Submitted.
  5. Wait for the agency POC to reject the report. 


In FedConnect, the status changes from Submitted to Rejected.