This article describes the fixes made in this release for posting documents to FedConnect.

FD-1205001, FD-1213175, FD-1215718, FD-1431336 (Prevent Duplicate Solicitation Postings to FedConnect)

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Summary and Resolution

Users could post the same solicitation from an agency's contract management system to FedConnect multiple times. The system should have prevented that from happening.

This issue is resolved, and now the system prevents the user from posting the same solicitation to FedConnect multiple times.

FD-1512640 (FedConnect and Contract Management System Errors)

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Summary and Resolution

This issue was related to the use of FedConnect with an agency's contract management system. The problems are explained in the following scenarios:

  • Amendments with a vendor list were successfully posted to FedConnect before vendor acknowledgements were received, but the agency's contract management system did not acknowledge the posting (so it looked like it was not posted in FedConnect even though it was).
  • Notices were posted to the active vendor list in FedConnect but if the vendors on the list were not yet registered then the agency's contract management system did not immediately acknowledge the posting (so it looked like it was not posted in FedConnect, even though it was). However, after the vendor(s) in question registered and signed in to FedConnect, the information was then available in the agency's contract management system.

These issues are resolved, and now:

  • Agency users in contract management systems can amend a solicitation with a vendor list and successfully post to FedConnect regardless of whether vendors have acknowledged the solicitation. 
  • Errors do not display in the contract management system, and notices are successfully posted to FedConnect regardless of vendor registration status. The vendors can see the announcements in FedConnect once they are fully registered.