This article describes the changes made in this release for FedConnect registration.

Removal of the MPIN

The use of the Marketing Partner Identification Number (MPIN) was deprecated in the System for Award Management (SAM). Therefore, it was removed from the FedConnect registration process. It no longer displays on the Registration Request page in FedConnect, and it is no longer a requirement for registration.

Before this change, upon a user's attempt to register, FedConnect used the MPIN to do a check in SAM to confirm a user's access to the SAM entity record. Now, instead, PRISM uses the SAM Point of Contact (POC) email addresses to perform this check.

If FedConnect can't find a matching SAM POC email for the entity in SAM:

  • The vendor is not registered in FedConnect
  • The user is not added to the system
  • A message displays to inform you that you must be a SAM POC in order to successfully register a new vendor account in FedConnect.

If FedConnect does find a matching SAM POC email in SAM:

  • The vendor is registered in FedConnect
  • The user is added to FedConnect as a vendor administrator

After the user clicks Register, then the vendor is officially registered in the system and the user is added as a vendor administrator. An automated email message is sent to the user to welcome them to FedConnect. 

The following picture illustrates how the updated Registration Request page might look. Your results might vary.

Registration Request Page

Changes on the Registration Request Page

This section describes general changes that occurred on the Registration Request page as a part of this update.

Guidance Text Changes

The guidance text on the Registration Request page was updated to reflect the removal of the MPIN and its replacement with the Point of Contact (POC).

Company DUNS Field Changes

The existing Company DUNS field used to be a required field. Going forward, due to its being deprecated in SAM, the field will no longer be required. Thus, we removed the asterisk next to the field.

Register Button Changes

The existing Register button was updated so that now if you click Register, just as before, FedConnect checks for UEI + EFT, and checks for user email address.

Changes to "Update Company from SAM"

In previous versions of FedConnect, when you clicked Update Company from SAM on the Company Info page, FedConnect updated the vendor's data after confirming access based on the MPIN. Going forward, since SAM no longer uses the MPIN, FedConnect will update the vendor's data when the logged in user is a SAM POC.