This article describes the fixes made in this release for solicitation bid responses.

User Could Submit Bids for Unacknowledged Solicitations

Summary and Resolution

In some scenarios, FedConnect vendor users could submit a bid for a solicitation that their company had not yet acknowledged. When this occurred, the user was listed for one company and the solicitation acknowledgement was completed. Afterwards, the user was removed the user from that company and added them to a different company. The user could still access the solicitation and create and submit a response. However, since the new company had not yet acknowledged the solicitation, the user should have been prompted to complete an acknowledgement before submitting the bid. Since the new company had not received an acknowledgement of the file, the bid could not be transmitted to the agency. The user should have acknowledged the solicitation before the system permitted him or her to submit a bid response.

This issue is resolved, and now you are required to acknowledge a solicitation before you submit a bid response.


A solicitation that allows bid responses is posted to FedConnect

Steps to Recreate

  1. Sign in to FedConnect as a vendor user (hereafter referred to as User 1 in these Steps to Recreate), and search for the solicitation from the prerequisites.
  2. Access the solicitation and click Register to Receive Notifications. (This sends a solicitation acknowledgement to the agency, and the user is listed as part of the response team.)
  3. Sign out of FedConnect.
  4. As a FedConnect vendor administrator, delete User 1 from the company, and then add User 1 (with the same email address) to a different company. Be sure that User 1 is active, and has a temporary password.
  5. Sign in as User 1 using the temporary password, and complete the process for a new password.
  6. Access the solicitation from the prerequisites.