This article describes the update made in this release so that you can now add your company's UEI to your vendor profile in FedConnect.

Adding UEI to Vendor Record in FedConnect

Summary and Resolution

After the launching of the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) on April 4, 2022, it became necessary for vendors who provide goods or services to the federal government to begin replacing their Dun and Bradstreet Numbers (DUNS) in favor of the UEI. The common "holding place" for vendor data is the System for Awards Management (SAM). Therefore, in this release, to facilitate updating vendor records in FedConnect with UEI values, we have added a new Add UEI button on the Company Info page. The purpose of this button is to enable your company's' vendor administrator to retrieve company information in SAM and upload it into your company's vendor record in FedConnect. When you click the Add UEI button on the Company Info page, FedConnect retrieves the following data from your SAM entity record:

  • CAGE (if applicable)
  • Company address
  • PSC/FSC codes
  • NAICS codes



The Add UEI button displays only when vendor records in FedConnect do not already have a SAM UEI listed.




To see what it's like to use the new Add UEI button, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to FedConnect as a vendor administrator.
  2. Click Company Profile. The Company Info page displays. The first screen shot below illustrates how the new Add UEI button might look.
  3. Click Add UEI. The Add UEI page displays. The new Add UEI page is illustrated in the second screen shot following this series of steps.
  4. Enter your company's Marketing Partner Identification Number (MPIN) in the SAM MPIN field.
  5. Enter your company's Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) in the UEI SAM field.
  6. Click Register. If the combination of MPIN and UEI that you entered are correct, then upon clicking Register, the vendor record will be updated from the SAM.gov website, and your company's UEI will be added to FedConnect.

The following picture illustrates how the new Add UEI button might look on the Company Info page in FedConnect. Your results might vary.

Add UEI Button

The following partial screenshot illustrates how the new Add UEI page might look. Your results might vary.

Add UEI Page



If you have questions specifically about the MPIN, please contact your SAM Entity Administrator, or the Federal Service Desk at1 (800) 606-8220.