This article describes the fixes made in this release that are related to the way pages rendered in FedConnect when the user navigated away from the My Profile page.

Page Rendering Issues After Navigating Away From My Profile)

Summary and Resolution

When the user opened an opportunity and then attempted to navigate to My Profile, when he or she clicked Return to Opportunity Summary, the page did not render correctly. The display appeared skewed with the wrong font sizes, and page features were in the wrong places on the page. This issue also occurred when the user opened an award, then navigated to My Profile, and then clicked Return to Award Summary.

This issue is resolved and now when you navigate from an opportunity or award to the My Profile section, and then click the links to return to either the opportunity or the award, the page for the opportunity or award renders correctly.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Sign in to FedConnect.
  2. Click My Opportunities.
  3. Select an opportunity.
  4. Click My Profile (do not access the other pages).
  5. Click Return to Opportunity Summary.


The Opportunity Summary page displays and all page elements are correctly rendered.