This article describes the fixes made in this patch release.

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Summary and Resolution

In FedConnect, users are advised against using more than 100 MB in total for attachments as a general guideline due to potential limitations with the application. However, FedConnect allowed transmission of bid responses where the total file size of the attachments was more than 100 MB. 

It was reported that users were no longer able to send messages or bids with attachments cumulative size totaling close to this threshold.

This issue is resolved, and now users can once again send attachments cumulatively greater than 100 MB on a response or message. Note that the individual attachment limit remains 25 MB, and an error will display accordingly.


  • CSSVIPMonitorNet service is running in PRISM
  • Solicitation posted to FedConnect from that same PRISM instance
  • Files attached to a bid response with a total that is more than 100 MB

Steps to Recreate

  1. Sign in to FedConnect and access the solicitation from the prerequisites.
  2. Ensure that the vendor user has joined the Response Team.
  3. Start a bid response.
  4. Upload the attachments. The file size total of all files added together should be more than 100 MB.
  5. Complete all require information for the bid response.
  6. Click Submit Response to Agency.


The response is successfully submitted to the agency.