In this release, we added the ability to assign a user to a specific informational role that applies to a specific transaction. At this time, the roles are only identified in FedConnect. If an agency has requested to know which users are assigned to which roles, this can be sent to the agency via the Message Center, or in written proposals, etc. The added roles are as follows:

  • Authorized Signer
  • Authorized Negotiator
  • Sales Reporting
  • Finance

Vendor Administrators - Assigning a Role to a User

These new roles are available as fields with check boxes on the Admin Tools page when you add or edit a user profile in FedConnect. The roles you select here are the ones that will be available to select on the Opportunity page and on the Award page.



To see these new role fields for yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in as a vendor administrator.
  2. Click Company Profile.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Select a user from the list.

The following picture illustrates how the new role fields might look on the Admin Tools page. Your results might vary.

New Roles Fields on Admin Tools Page

Vendor Representatives - Designating a User's Role in an Opportunity or an Award

The Award Team section on the Opportunity page and on the Award page has been updated with the following features:

  • A new Roles column in the Team Member grid
  • A new Edit button in the Roles column
  • A new Save button in the Roles column
  • New check boxes in the Roles column, for each user, when roles are assigned

When you click Edit next to a team member name in the Team Member section, if your vendor administrator has set up that user with any of the aforementioned roles, they will display in the list as fields with check boxes. Select the check box to assign that user that specific role for this specific opportunity or award.

When you are done editing the roles for team members, click Save to commit the changes. Vendor portal administrators and vendor administrators have access to edit the roles for all team members. Vendor representatives can edit only their own roles. 

The following picture illustrates how the new Roles column might look in the Award Team section on the Award page, but the idea is similar for the Opportunity page. Your results might vary.

User Roles on the Award Page