The federal government intends to complete its planned rollout of the replacement of the Dun & Bradstreet Data Universal Number System (DUNS) values with the more contemporary and non-proprietary Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) values in April 2022. Ahead of that deadline, we have updated FedConnect so that in all the places where you typically find a DUNS, you will now also find a UEI.




The following is a list of some places in FedConnect where you might find a DUNS, and therefore a UEI.

  1. The Company Info page
  2. The [Company] Address page
  3. The Cover Page for adding a response to an opportunity
  4. The Summary page for responses

While the above pages are read-only fields where your DUNS and new UEI values will display, the addition of the UEI is also pivotal to the FedConnect registration process. With these changes, the process by which companies may register with FedConnect has been updated as well.

Previously, companies would use their DUNS number, SAM MPIN, and contact information (name, email, phone number, etc.) to register with FedConnect. The FedConnect application would then leverage the provided SAM MPIN and validate the information entered with the SAM.gov site itself to confirm the entity authenticity. Now that UEI is available for use, the DUNS number or the UEI value may be provided on the company registration page along with the SAM MPIN to validate a company's SAM.gov registration status. Only one of the two values need to be provided:




As of April 2022, the DUNS will no longer be used for registration in FedConnect, as SAM.gov is de-supporting the DUNS value in their APIs for Entity Management. Therefore, the UEI will need to be used moving forward at that time.