The below article summarizes the fixes made to FedConnect in the 3.1 release with respect to notifications.

Deleted Users Receiving Email Notifications

Summary and Resolution

Users were reporting that despite having been removed (deleted) from their company's FedConnect account, they were still receiving email notifications about new opportunity postings. This has been resolved and users who are deleted from their company's account will no longer receive email notifications from FedConnect.

Notification Settings in Profile Inverted

Summary and Resolution

When users attempted to set up their notification settings in their profiles to limit notifications to specific NAICS codes or agencies, it was reported that users were required to have the All NAICS Codes or All Agencies radio button selected, at which point they can select the check boxes for individual codes, and click Selected NAICS Codes or Selected agencies

To make this more intuitive, when you select All NAICS Codes or All agencies, check boxes will not display with NAICS codes or agencies listed. Additionally, the Selected NAICS Codes and Selected agencies field labels have been updated to Specific NAICS Codes and Specific agencies, at which point the check boxes for all options available to them should display. You can then then select the check boxes and specify your notification settings as needed.