We have made changes to the Response Cover Page in FedConnect 3.1. The details in this article highlight those changes.

New Response Title for Government Field and Changes to Description Field

In the FedConnect 3.1 update, we've added a new field to the Response Cover Page. This is the first page that you navigate to when submitting a response on an opportunity. This new field, called Response Title for Government, allows you to specify a descriptive title that will be sent with your response to the agency which posted the opportunity.


Previously, FedConnect only had the Description field (which is still there, but we've renamed to Offeror's Tracking Title), but it was noted that this particular field was not transmitted to the government for use. Now, the new field will allow you to provide additional context or description to the title of your response for a given opportunity.


The following picture illustrates how the Offeror's Tracking Title field and the  Response Title for Government field look on the response Cover Page.


 Offeror's Tracking Title Field and Response Title for Government Field on Response Cover Page


Lastly, we've updated the Response Summary page to include the renamed Offeror's Tracking Title field and this new Response Title for Government field, as a part of the final overview before submitting a response to the posting agency.


Summary Page with Updated and New Fields