In this article, we will highlight changes we've made to the messages functionality in FedConnect 3.1.

Attention Field Update

With the FedConnect 3.1 release, we've added a new field to some specific pages within the application. For some postings, depending on the posting agency, when you create a new message to send to the agency who posted the award or opportunity, a new field labelled Attn: will display and allow you to populate email addresses which will send an email with any attachments upon receipt of the message by the agency.




To add multiple email addresses, you may separate them by spaces, semicolons, or commas. Please see below for examples. 

Message Category Update

In FedConnect 3.1, we've also added a new field within some messages which allow you to now classify the type of message you're sending back to the agency. This field, Message Category, will display when you attempt to send a message on awards and opportunities posted by specific agencies. 

The list of Message Category options are determined by the agency and cannot be configured by users in FedConnect.