Due to security concerns, agencies are not able to see other agencies' tickets submitted to Unison Customer Care, as some tickets may contain user or contractual information too sensitive to share between agencies. However, there is a "Report a Problem" forum that allows agencies to willingly "opt in" for other agencies to be able to see that specific issue they are reporting. In other words, if you wish for another agency to be able to see an issue your agency is reporting, you must report that issue through the "Report a Problem" forum:

This allows other customers to note that they, too, are having the issue. Please note that because this information will be available to other users who can login to Freshdesk, the content of this forum should be considered carefully before submitting attachments or screenshots or other agency-sensitive information.

The highlighted "Do you have this problem" in the screenshot below will help us understand the scope or impact of the reported issue and allow us to escalate such an issue in our backlog.