We are very proud to announce the latest addition to our suite of products: Marketplace. Whereas FedConnect is a web portal that bridges the gap between government agencies and vendors and grant applicants, Marketplace is an online acquisition platform for reverse auctions. Therefore, the reverse auction functionality you used to see in FedConnect has been removed. If you are still interested in reverse auctions, we invite you to visit https://marketplace.unisonglobal.com/.

Removed My Auctions Page and Added the Directed Opportunities Page

In the FedConnect 3.0 release, the My Auctions page was removed and replaced with the Directed Opportunities page. This new Directed Opportunities page displays the opportunities that agencies have posted to a specific vendor or a specific set of vendors. Directed opportunities display in FedConnect regardless of whether you have acknowledged them.




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The following picture provides an illustrated example of the Directed Opportunities page.


Picture of the Directed Opportunities page in FedConnect