This article provides information about the fixes that were made in FedConnect 3.0 that are related to signing in to FedConnect.

System Sent Re-Registering Users "Account Was Deleted" Email Messages


Summary and Resolution

If a user account was deleted, and then the user re-registered with the same email address, when he or she clicked the Forgot Password link, the user sometimes received an email indicating that the account had been deleted.


This issue is resolved, and now you can successfully re-register in FedConnect.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Sign in to FedConnect as a vendor administrator and navigate to Company Profile | Users.
  2. To remove the user, click the X to the right of his or her name.
  3. Re-add the same user, which will prompt FedConnect to send him or her a new temporary password.
  4. Have the user go to the FedConnect splash page, click Sign In - Full Access, then enter his or her user ID and then click the Forgot your password? Click here. link.



FedConnect successfully sends the user a temporary password.

Password Maximum Character Limit Needed to Be Clearly Stated

The list of user password requirements on the [Change Temporary Password] page should have included the maximum character limit which was (and still is) 15 characters.


This issue is resolved for both the [Change Temporary Password] page and the [Change Password] page in the user profile. The improvements on both pages are as follows:

  • The statement, "Password must contain at least 8 characters," was revised to also include the maximum number of characters. Now the statement reads, "Password must contain at least 8 characters and a maximum of 15 characters."
  • The New Password and the Confirm New Password fields have been updated to allow space only for 15 characters, to prevent you from typing above the maximum amount.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Reset your FedConnect password.
  2. On the FedConnect splash page (the very first page you see when you access the FedConnect URL), click Sign In - Full Access.
  3. Attempt to sign in using your User ID and temporary password. The [Change Temporary Password] page displays, and the message, "Password must contain at least 8 characters and a maximum of 15 characters," is included in the list of requirements.
  4. Attempt to type a new password that is greater than 15 characters.



You cannot type more than 15 characters in the New Password field or the Confirm New Password field.