Unison's FedConnect application is a web portal that bridges the gap between government agencies and their vendor and grants applicant communities to streamline the process of doing business with government. Through this portal you will

be able to review opportunities and receive awards. You’ll also have an open channel of communication with the government that is both secure and auditable where you can ask questions, submit responses, and acknowledge receipt of documents. You can even create teams within FedConnect to manage your response or award.

However, this differs from the Unison Marketplace platform. Unison Marketplace is an all-encompassing online acquisition platform that assists in the purchasing the goods and services needed to fulfill procurement requirements for the Federal government. Unison Marketplace enables small and large companies to easily bid, win, and manage contracts.

If you are looking for assistance with Unison Marketplace or your Unison Marketplace account, please navigate to the following URL and our Marketplace Support team can help with your request: