All user passwords in Unison FedConnect expire after 60 days, at which time a user is automatically prompted to set a new password when they next log into FedConnect. Accounts become inactive if an incorrect password is attempted more than five times in a row. They can also be made inactive by the Vendor Administrator for your organization. After an account is made inactive, it must be activated before it can be used again.

If your account was made inactive by your Vendor Administrator, you will need to contact them for assistance with activating your account. If you do not know who is your Administrator, please use the "Contact Your Organization's FedConnect Administrator" link on the FedConnect homepage to obtain a contact list of Administrators.

If your account was made inactive due to multiple login attempts, you can use the "Forgot your password? Click here" link within 24 hours to have a temporary password generated and sent you via email. Once the temporary password is generated, you will have 12 hours to use the temporary password before it expires. If you do not receive an email with a temporary password within two hours, please verify that it has not been blocked by your SPAM filter.

To obtain additional assistance with your expired or inactive FedConnect account, please contact the FedConnect Support Help Desk at or 1-800-899-6665.