Both Vendor Administrators and Vendor Representatives have the same privileges in terms of being able to view and respond to solicitations and awards, and both can access the Company Profile to view information such as the number of FedConnect users associated to their organization, as well as the roles of each user (Vendor Administrator vs. Vendor Representative). The only differences in the privileges between the two roles is that Vendor Administrators have the ability to edit the information in the Company Profile, such as adding, removing, and editing user profile information, and can update the information about the organization that is pulled in from If a Vendor Representative needs their password reset or their account reactivated, they may contact a Vendor Administrator listed in the Company Profile and they can make the update to the user's account. Vendor Administrators in need of account reactivation may contact another active Vendor Administrator in their organization, or they may contact the FedConnect Help Desk at 800-899-6665, option 2.