You are able to reset your own password if you have forgotten yours and your account is "Active". 

  • 1.     Go to (please use Internet Explorer - other browsers are not supported at this time).
  • 2.     Click on the "Sign In – Full Access" button.
  • 3.     Input the email address you registered with in the User ID field.
  • 4.     Click on the link that says "Forgot your password? Click here".

If you attempt to reset your password and get a notice that your account has become inactivated you will need to send an email request to or you may call us directly at: 1-800-899-6665, option 2.

Once the Vendor Administrator account for your organization has been re-activated, a temporary password will be sent in a separate email.

Please note that this password is case-sensitive and that it will expire in twelve (12) hours. The email address that was used to register with FedConnect is the User ID.